Renopro XL Herbal Powder

Renopro XL, made from 12 powerful herbs, is a nutritional supplement that aims to improve metabolism and provides normal blood sugar level. Now you can defeat diabetes with a safe and natural method without taking any drugs, with immediate results.

Would you like to control diabetes in a natural way, directly attacking the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms, using a 100% effective and scientifically tested method?

You can naturally produce more insulin to regulate your blood sugar level.RENOPRO XL HERBAL POWDER


How is that possible?

You simply have to change your diet and lifestyle while taking Renopro XL Powder two times a day. Rest assured that you can get excellent results, unlike the results from drug treatments, which may also have very unpleasant side effects.

This information is being written today because we want to explain an important scientific discovery on diabetes that will shake you.

Let’s start by saying that a natural cure for diabetes really exists if you use Renopro XL Powder with Metabolic Diet Chart for Diabetes.

There is a new investigation on the treatment of diabetes… Thousands of people worldwide, have been treated with this method, with excellent results, without having to puncture their fingers to inject insulin.

And to think that modern medicine continues to fail miserably – by chance or on purpose? In a few lines, I will tell you exactly what I have discovered after these long years of investigation.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes or pre diabetes, with this scientifically tested Renopro XL Powder and Metabolic Diet Chart for Diabetes, it will be made possible to control it completely, while at the same time people with type 1 diabetes, will be assisted to drastically reduce and sometimes eliminate their insulin dosage.

You must be wondering how this is at all possible.



You are right. At least partly.

With today’s medications, diabetes has no chance of cure, medications you take do not fight the cause of diabetes but limit only to cure the symptoms.

In fact, doctors admit that they do not know anything about the cause of diabetes and that there is no cure. However you shouldn’t worry, because there are medicines that can keep the disease under control, does it sound familiar?

How can our diet and Renopro XL Powder have such an important impact on our lives?

Diabetes is not a disease of not having enough “insulin”. But it is the disease of an organ called the pancreas that does not produce enough insulin.

In simple words, diabetes is not at all a “disease”, it is a “symptom” that is telling you that your pancreas is severely damaged and fails to produce sufficient insulin which your body needs to regulate the sugar levels in your blood.

When millions of people around the world begin to experience the same health problems, there is something going wrong.

Something is out of balance and it is no longer an “incident”.

What the scientists have now discovered is that… the “root cause” of diabetes is that the pancreas has started to get sick because of acids, sugars, carbohydrates, excessive fats and uric acid (very common in our modern diet).

Most of the foods in our modern diet are full of acids, carbohydrates, sugars and fats. All of them are destructive elements for the pancreas”.

So, what would be the solution?

The solution to all this is for you to return to your natural state of vibrant health… to “cleanse” yourself from the inside allowing the body to get rid of the acids that overload the cells, allowing them to start functioning properly again. Here comes the role of the Metabolic Diet Chart for Diabetes.

For every disease your immune system is activated and immediately begins to fight it. Your body can restore every wound, diseased organ or damaged cell that is necessary but if you continue to contaminate it, your body simply cannot continue.

Once your pancreas no longer has to neutralize and protect you from the accumulated acids, it may come back to do the job it was intended for… Renopro XL Powder which is a mixture of 12 powerful herbs helps the pancreas to regenerate itself.

Renopro XL is formulation of traditional herbs that may help support the urinary system and manage the water balance of the body.

Let us have a look at the Composition of Renopro XL Powder.

Each 100gms Powder Contains:

  1. Varun powder – (Crataeva nurvala) – 16%
  2. Bhuiamlaki powder – (Phyllanthus niruri) – 08%
  3. Shirish powder – (Albezzia labok) – 08%
  4. Punarnava powder – (Boerhaavia diffusa) – 16%
  5. Gokshur powder – (Tribulus terrestris) – 12%
  6. Kasni powder – (Chicorium intybus) – 12%
  7. Shigru powder – (Moringa oleifera) – 08%
  8. Apamarg powder – (Achyranthes aspera) – 04%
  9. Neem pan powder – (Azhardirachta indica) – 04%
  10. Tulsi powder – (Ocimum Sanctum) – 04%
  11. Peepal bark powder – (Ficus religiosa) – 04%
  12. Cinnamon powder – (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) – 04%

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